Superb Sprint Art!

Manu Campa is an artist from Spain. He has been working on an exhibit of Bike Art for an upcoming show this Spring in Madrid. We are super excited one of our Superb Sprint photos, taken by Jesse Weiner, inspired him to paint it for his show. This painting truly shows how beautiful and simple a track bike is.
Check out Manu’s Website for some of his other great bicycle inspired artwork!

New Winter Hours


As we continue to dig out from Winter Storm Juno and move into the deeper stages of the season we’ll be adjusting our shop hours.


Monday – Saturday: 12PM – 6PM

Sunday: CLOSED

The Online Store is open 24 hours a day. Ride safe!

Store Closure & Blizzard Race


As Winter Storm Juno begins to take hold of the North East, Superb Bicycle has made the decision to close Tuesday, January 27th. We’ll re-open, weather permitting on Wednesday, January 28th at 11AM. We’ve gotten word that there is a blizzard race in the works for either tonight or tomorrow. While we don’t have the full details just yet, keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as more info becomes available. Hopefully you stocked up on bourbon and other essentials like beer.

Ride safe.


Just a heads up we are closing the shop down today due to the winter storm. Be safe out there if you have to travel on the snow/ice covered roads! We will be back open tomorrow our normal hours! Our online store will remain open and has some great new products added, check it out!

A Few Winter Staples

There is no denying that the number of cyclists drops drastically with the temperature here in Boston. In all honesty however, riding your bike through the winter, even in New England, is not so bad. Here are a few quintessential items that keep my riding through the winter:


This winter I started rocking the Giro Proof gloves. A few key features on these:

  • Waterproof
  • Touchscreen Compatible
  • Ideal down to 25°F  (I throw on a thing liner when temps dip below 20°F)



Investing in a solid pair of warm waterproof gloves is key to keep you happy and on your bike throughout the winter.


For most people a solid riding jacket can be what makes it or breaks it. You want something that is again waterproof/resistant, is going to keep you warm but also be breathable at the same time. This may end up being the single biggest investment in your winter riding gear but it’s going to be worth it. I landed on the Levi’s Commuter Parka last season. It’s cut long in the back, has reflective strips and made with c_change material making it ideal in the winter with layers as well as the Fall and early Spring.


Another really solid option, one we have in the shop currently, is the Swrve Milwaukee ES Hooded Jacket. I may personally be making the leap to one of these before the winter is through – so very comfortable.


For one thing the word is just really fun to say. A balaclava is designed to cover your entire head and a good portion of your face and thus protecting you, especially your ears, from the harsh winter air. I really only bust mine out when the temps dip into the teens or below, but to each their own. This little piece of gear can make a HUGE difference. Some folks hate them, my roommate being one of them, but for many they make sense. I have one from Perl Izumi:


We have a few here in the shop and I highly recommend picking one up – especially for you long distance commuters.


This winter is the first that I’ve switched my tires out for something with a bit more tread. The last several winters I’ve been riding with slicks, either Specialized Armadillos or Continental Gatorskins. They served me just fine, but I wanted to mix it up a bit this season so I slapped a pair of Halo Courier Twin Rails. They’re ever so slightly wider at 24c and have a nice bit of tread to them – which has had a notable impact on my riding. I still won’t go full force into what may be a patch of black ice but I do feel a bit more in control of my bike.


In most major cities you really don’t need studded snow tires, but I nice pair of cross tires or something similar can make a huge difference in your riding in wet and icy conditions.

So these are just some of my essentials, we may expand on this with a few other folks from the shop sharing some of their key pieces of winter gear over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, swing by the shop and get ride ready for winter with 15% off on winter riding apparel such as gloves, hats, jackets and pants! Stay warm and keep riding.