Back to School Bag Sale!

Classes are about to start and if you are riding your bike to and from class I would highly recommend a nice quality waterproof bag to carry your books/computer/gear in. We currently have a huge inventory of bags to do the job with over half of them on sale! Take 20% off all of our in stock bags from Chrome, Brooks, Green Guru, and Poler Stuff. Stop by to check them all out!

Julie wearing the Brooks Pickwick.
Julie Brooks

“A versatile canvas roll-top, the Pickwick Day Pack reflects the timeless appearance and durability eternally linked to Brooks. Hand constructed in Tuscany from water-resistant cotton and genuine Brooks leather trim, the Pickwick will stand apart without sacrificing functionality.

To that point, the Pickwick features hidden, waterproof zippered pockets on the back of the bag, with a large main compartment for easy stashing and retrieval of gear. To keep everything dry, a water resistant coating is added to the tough cotton canvas, and the roll-top design effectively locks out rain. To keep the Pickwick stable, offset straps are simple to adjust, and a chest strap helps steady side-to-side movement.

The Brooks Pickwick Day Pack is available in two sizes, 24 or 15 liter, and is available in the colors Asphalt, Cherry, Mud Grey, Octane Blue, Saffron Mustard, and Sand.” – Brooks

Doug wearing the Chrome Barrage.
doug chrome barrage

“There is only one way to make a bag truly waterproof – by welding its seams. For the Barrage Rolltop we combined a Welded-Waterproof floating bucket with an abrasion resistant CORDURA® Brand grade outer shell to make the toughest waterproof rolltop possible. It features a low-profile design and side compression straps for load stabilization and increased visibility, an external cargo net to haul gear on the outside, and a Welded-Waterproof bucket liner that can keep personal items bone dry in any weather. The Barrage adapts to accommodate a range of cargo. The main compartment expands from 22L to 34L and features an expandable cargo net with compression straps for securing various cargo shapes and sizes.

 Each Barrage is made with military grade materials and specifications. The 100% Welded-Waterproof bucket liner is made with 600 denier truck tarpaulin. The abrasion resistant outer shell is made with 1000 denier CORDURA® Brand grade Nylon. Like all our bags, the Barrage is Guaranteed for Life.” -Chrome

Back To School SALE!!!!

Back To School Sale

Freight Baggage Re-Stock!

Looking for a bag for your commute, travel, adventure or all 3? Want a bag that is hand made in the USA and sure to last for years if not decades? Come check out our huge restock of Freight baggage Roll Top bags! Each bag is handmade in San Francisco and full waterproof. These have been hands down our best selling bags since we opened our doors in 2009 and are almost impossible to keep in stock, so act fast while we have lots of color options! We also have freight Baggage hip pouches and top tube pads!

Freight S

freight M

Freight Close 2

Freight close up

Camelbak insulated Bottles

Need a water bottle that keeps your drink cold in the summer heat for hours? Come grab a Camelbak insulated bottle! Camelbak bottles are made from 100% BPA-free TruTaste™ polypropylene with HydroGuard™ allowing you to taste just your water, not your bottle.

camelbak bottles

New Product: Integrated Saddle Lock Mount

Just wanted to offer up a quick peak into a new product that should be available in the near future. The new CB-300 Saddle from Serfas is a dedicated commuter saddle that for the first time (that I have seen) incorporates an integrated U-Lock Mount. I obviously had to find out if this really works. It was designed with a specific serfas brand lock in mind, however I wanted to see if it works with a lock that most of us actually use. In Boston at least the Kryptonite EVO mini is probably the most used lock by people who have a nice bike and really care about keeping it, and guess what, it’s a perfect fit.

The only negative I can think here is that this is a commuter saddle and a little bit wider than what most people ride on their track bikes or single speeds, but not by much. If it were any narrower I think the lock would be too wide and therefor your legs would rub on it on every pedal stroke.

I look forward to actually getting to test this new saddle because it looks a great idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if it caught on in the industry and there became many other saddles designed this way or maybe even u-locks specifically designed to fit into narrower saddles.

saddle lock 1

saddle lock