MonkeyLectric Wheel lights: Available Now

The days are getting shorter which means more riding after dark. To be safe riding with lights is essential. We just started stocking Monkeylectric’s wheel lights that will assure you are seen while out on the dark roads. You could be just like the guy in the video, doing wheelies and backflips through space and time. Starting at $29.99

Aerospokes Back In Stock

Aerospoke has been in the carbon composite wheel game since 1989 and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! They’re distinct, stylish and instantly recognizable.

blackaeroExcited to say we now have Aerospokes in stock in black, white or natural finish and a select few with a machined sidewall. Swing into the shop and snag a front or rear Aerospoke today.


Christina’s Linus Mixte

The days are getting cooler but there are still lots of great riding days left. Christina recently moved to Boston and stopped by looking for a bike for her daily commutes. The Linus Mixte stood out and she is now fashionably cruising around her new city in style. Welcome to Boston Christina!!

Christina Linus Mixte

Custom Build Contest


We’ve done quite a few custom builds over the years. We’ve built up Cinelli Parallaxes, All-City Big Blocks, our Superb Sprint & Vivace frames and everything in between. As a shop it’s one of our favorite things to do – building your dream bike. Now we want to revisit that dream of yours AND make it a bit dreamier. Here’s how it’s going to work:

That’s it. In return you’ll be entered to win the following:

  • FIRST PLACE - Izumi Super Toughness Track Chain, EAI Standard Track Cog and Superb Wool Watch Cap
  • RUNNER-UP (Two Selected) - Superb Camo Cycling Cap & All City Stainless Steel Track Cog



We all know you love taking pictures of your bike – share those pictures with us and you could be getting a sweet drivetrain upgrade. All winners will be selected at RANDOM so throw your hat in the ring and see what happens.

Superb Bikes Ready for Roller Racing

Superb Sprint and Prototype

As you have seen from our previous post we are helping Without Walls with their launch party tomorrow by setting up some Superb Bikes for roller racing. One is our new Black and Teal Sprint with a selection of great parts from Thomson, H+Son, Izumi, and Fizik.

The second bike is our Prototype Hellenic Style track bike, which we will be putting into production next spring (with some minor tweaks). If you want to see it in person or race on either of these bikes, swing on through the Without Walls launch party tomorrow in Harvard Square from 6pm-9pm. We will also be giving out some Superb prizes to the winners.
11 JFK St Cambridge MA

Superb Sprint Black and Teal

Superb Sprint Black and Teal_2085

Superb Sprint Black and Teal Seat Cluster