Superb Job Openings!


The season is about to get started and that means we are HIRING! We are looking for a few enthusiastic humans to join the Superb Crew! We currently have 2 job openings. Read below for the specifics.

Social Media Manager / Marketer / Brand Ambassader / Sales:

Qualifications and Experience
- Knowledge and excitement about the Bicycle Scene.
- Demonstrates creativity in social media presence.
- Excellent writing and language skills.
- Exceeds at building and maintaining sales relationships, online and off.
- Possesses functional knowledge and/or personal experience with WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook.
- Maintains a finger on the pulse of current cycling trends.
- Excellent customer service.
- Previous Social media work for a company / brand is a big plus.


Qualifications and Experience
- Previous work as bicycle shop mechanic.
- Wide range of bicycle repair knowledge.
- Efficient work strategy.
- Friendly attitude and excellent customer service.
- Enthusiastic about Biking!

Please contact us if you feel like you would be a good fit for either of these positions. You can email us your resume or drop it off in person. info at superbbicycle dot com
Starting pay is based on experience and very competitive.


Superb Sprint: Re-Stock Raw Polished framesets

You asked for it so you get it. The number of calls and emails asking us to bring back the Polished Superb Sprint were enough to get a batch going and they have arrived. They are available on our Online Store or walk in to our Boston Shop and walk away with instant satisfaction!
The frames haven’t changed but we made a tweak on the fork making them about 4mm’s shorter giving a tighter tire clearance, and cleaner look!
As always we ship Worldwide
Frame weight 3lbs 5oz

Ask about doing a Custom Build!


Superb 1″ Carbon Track Forks are back in stock!

Our Superb 1″ carbon track forks are back in stock! Stop in and grab one in the shop or order on our online store! $175

Superb 1 inch carbon track fork

Origin8 Platform Rack Back in Stock!

Our favorite affordable platform rack is finally back in stock! We have had a ton of requests and these have been hard to get our hands on. If you are looking for a light weight (aluminum) front rack that can carry loads up to 55lbs then this is the ticket. Did we mention its easy to install as well? Pick one up today! $65

Justins sprint rack front origin8 classique cargo hd front rack

justins superb sprint  top Origin8 classique cargo hd front rack

justins superb sprint origin8 classique cargo hd front rack

Fuji Feather 2015!

We just received our first batch of Fuji Feathers for the year. We have been waiting for these since October and they finally arrived. The Fuji Feather was our most popular bike last year. I am guessing it is due to the fact that it is an amazing riding bike with a good part selection at an affordable price, not to mention is looks amazing. If you have been waiting to grab one of these swing through ASAP, we didn’t get as many as we were hoping for and many colors are still unavailable. However we have a full size run currently in stock in either turquoise or red. $520

Superb Bicycle Fuji Feather 2015 turquoise

Superb Bicycle fuji feather 2015 logo