Month: May, 2009

Cinelli Vigorelli Build

Check it!


FBM “the sword” frames on their way. Handcrafted in New York, this is about the best deal on a US made frame to be found!



Sneak Peak

I got a sneak peak at something SOMA has up their sleeves today. Colored Spokes!! Made by the finest spoke manufacturer in all the land, or at least Taiwan! The spokes are stainless steel and made by the same supplier of Mavic’s spokes! Peep the Superb teal second from the left.

Sci-fi Calvin Klein

Its about freaking time… all i have to say to this new trend coming from Calvin Klein. It seems for the past 20-30 years I have seen movies and shows set in the future all getting the freshest outfits and style, and I was always thinking, when do we actually get to that future when […]