Month: June, 2009

Kazane drops new colors

We love Kazane frames, simple lugged steel, beautiful track frames. Check out the new colors, and let us know what you want.  Love the knog lights holding the fork on!

Limited Edition NACCC Brooks Saddles

Check out the Limited Edition saddles Brooks is making for the NACCC this year (which is being held here in Boston!) Other limited Edition Brooks Jammers

Oh No!

I just ran into these hilarious photos I captured of my man J. Dunn of Embrocation Magazine fame. He is being attacked by the crazy Central Square Dog Man. I bet you almost forgot about this Dunner.

Sillgey 7 speed

My friend Sean came to me one night at Zuzu with an idea for a new bike. He has been riding a fixed gear for a long time that we helped build up, but was ready for another bike to add to his stable. He wanted it to be fast, clean and have multiple gears. […]

Volume FU-MANCHU Forks!!

The new Volume Fu-Manchu freestyle forks have arrived. Grab one and go practice your barspins.