Month: June, 2009

Amazing Beatboxing Kid!!!

This kid is totally blowing my mind.  Seriously.  My humps…classic, then bringing it back to flipper.  Genius!

Kazane drops new colors

We love Kazane frames, simple lugged steel, beautiful track frames. Check out the new colors, and let us know what you want.  Love the knog lights holding the fork on!

Cro Mag Training!!!

Just caught this vid over at Embrocation, if this doesn’t inspire you nothing will. Watch the whole thing! John Joseph New York City Urban Warfare Cro-Mag Training from Polygraph Productions on Vimeo.


I think Aerospoke is pulling some kind of trickery here?? hahahahah


So last year at interbike I saw these tuner type girls all over the place riding these stupid stepper bikes. I mean they were everywhere. Today I stumbled onto a video Randy Ross made to advertise how cool his stepper bikes are. My favorite part in the video is when she puts her tank top […]