Red, Yellow and a Little Bit Girly.

by Meighan

I spend a majority of my time online, constantly coming across great stuff that falls by the way side. But now that I am here at Superb for a bit, I can share all the bike related stuff and junk and things that find their way to my laptop. This week I’ve got a bunch to share.

I got all fancy with the photoshop machine tonight, cutting, cropping, slicing, dicing to show you a ton of things. However, it’s at this point that I’d like to take a moment and apologize to the people of the male persuasion that read this blog. As I preened my images for upload tonight I realized, oi vey this is some girly-esque stuff I’ve piled up here. So boys, I apologize if this is a wee departure from what you’re used to…but we know girls read this blog too. Plus, there’s stuff here I know you’ll all like. PLUS PLUS. PLUS. The holidays are coming! Don’t forget Festivus.


Let’s get started! (Starting above, from right going clockwise). Last Saturday Steve ESPO Powers’ solo show opened at White Walls in SF, I thought you guys would really appreciate ESPO’s awesome hand lettering. I know I do. I really dig the beaten leather and hand hammered grommets of Hambone’s Balzac bags (available in brown and white as well, so sweet.). Hillarietasche’s Yellow Ten Speed print would make a great, inexpensive gift. As I think we’re all broke, right? Lastly, one of my very favorite illustrators Gemma Correll made this tandem “Let’s Ride” tote that’s not only functional but hilarious.


Next! Ok, now is when it starts to get a little girly…kinda sorta (yeah, that tote wasn’t femme at all). Lee Meszaros makes these killer Merit Badges. This little red number is for “tooting your own horn”. Don’t deny it, that’s cute. I couldn’t help it, I double showed Hillarietasche’s prints. This time it’s red. Michael C. Hsiung is a hilarious illustrator who has a totally normal fascination with weird hybrid dudes (mermen, centaurs, and just plain drunkards). I just threw his print in for some merry good measure. Lastly, I found Death and Texas’ etsy store recently and am enamored with their unique handiwork. The old timey, mattress ticking of the handle bar bag is unique but classic and super sturdy. Oh and girls, it turns into a purse once you’re off your bike.