Ralph Stollenwerk’s Sweet Screen Prints.

by Meighan


Happy New Year! It’s Meighan here with a new post, I recently found Ralph Stollenwerk’s well err, work on Wallfarmer’s blog where they did a Q&A with him. I really dug his sense of humor and style and I thought you would get a kick out of his work. Specifically, his silk screened images of bicycles on wood . They really caught my eye.  I asked Ralph to tell me a little bit about his the bike prints:

“Well, I love bicycles, riding them and printing pictures of them. I love printing bikes because of all the fine detail you can get from them, spokes, chainlinks, even down to the chipped paint and dirt on the frames. Also, they have really good curves to work with, the shadows you can get from the tubes is always nice, the curve of the handlebars. They’re a challenge to print, which I like too. It takes a long time to register the colors when screenprinting images of bikes because of all the tiny detail! I like to print on pieces of wood, i love how the woodgrain and the bike go together.”

I don’t think I could have described his work any better.

The two pieces above are from a trip Ralph took last winter to Berlin. The contrast in these are super. Plus, that graf in the blue one says I LOVE YOU!


This is Ralph’s favorite piece, a 12 wood panel, 2 color print of the Ben Franklin Bridge with his bike leaning on the railing, its 3ft high by 4ft wide. So rad.


These panels are of three color bikes. A red and gold, titled “Shaky’s Bike” and the one below with black and gold is titled “Fernando’s Bike”.


You can see more of Ralph’s work through his blog, Crucial Brutal which is NSFW fyi. Or check out his screen printing joint, Awesome Dudes Printing. Until next time you can check me out at ML4U.