Month: May, 2010

Bike Porn: Simoncini

Nao of 3RRR fame rolled into the shop the other day on his Simoncini Road bike and allowed us to grab a few shots of it in the beautiful spring sun.

Monkey Likes Shiny 15mm U Lock Socket

Now in stock in Superb for Kryptonite and Onguard. -Brotched 15mm Hex -Full CNC Machined -Available in Black or Chrome -100% US made of domestic steel! -Detent hole used for 6/8mm Allen Key adapter for Phil Wood Hubs Because of Jeff Tiedeken and Dan Berlant the days of carrying a 15 or a Allen Key […]

Brooks Display

We just finished a new Brooks display, and have more Brooks saddles and accessories than ever. Check it out!

Swrve Summer Clothing

We just got in our first Swrve summer shipment including the new cigarette cut shorts, regular shorts, knickers, cycling caps and wool t’s. Come check it all out and try it on in our luxurious fitting room. Shown here are the cigarette cut shorts, wool t-shirt and cycling cap

Jason for Superb Bicycle

Up next you are stuck looking at me showing off some of our spring/summer clothing and my new geekhouse. I’m wearing the Nari Furi Polka Dot Windbreaker, Swrve skinny fit riding denim, and the discontinued Superb Cycling cap, expect a new model this summer. Visible here is the Croth*Jackson Tool pouch Bahspins Kid!