Gavin’s new Geekhouse Custom hits the Boston Streets!

by Jason

Our friend Gavin was in the shop most of the day yesterday putting some of the finishing touches on his new Geekhouse build. This one is really quite unique and Marty really out did himself with the extras on this bike. The quill stem/handbar combo was hand made at geek headquarters and along with the fork was finished in clear leaving the welds and burns visible and keeping a nice flow through the front of the bike. The seatmast is integrated into the frame using a custom machined thomson top assembly. The frame color matched rear rim looks great in blue and further pulls the bike together. And lets not forget the brazed on geekhouse badge, each one of these is a work of art and you probably wouldn’t believe how much labor goes into finishing one of these little beauties. It is obvious a lot of thought went into each aspect of this bike.