Month: August, 2010

Andrew’s Volume Thrasher

We just finished a nice Volume Trasher Trick Build for our across the street neighbor Andrew. He is pretty stoked on it and he has been joining us on our trick rides as much as he can. Good to see the freestyle scene gaining some momentum!

2011 Cinelli Gazzetta della Strada

Cinelli is releasing an affordable road bike to their stable for 2011. The Gazzetta della Strada is based off the popular Gazzetta from 2010 but this one is built as a geared road bike instead of single speed or fixed. It is aimed directly at the urban rider who commutes or goes out on longer […]

Ryan’s Custom Super Pista Build!

We just finished a fresh Bianchi Super Pista Custom Build for Ryan. This one wants to go fast!

Brisbane Outdoor Gear now at Superb!

We just picked up a really awesome line of Bike goods from Brisbane Australia. There stuff is all handmade and uses lots of salvaged materials. Text from Brisbane Outdoor Gear “Strap Ons are a highly adjustable and hard wearing strap system for everything from fixed gear freestyle riding to everyday use. Designed from the ground […]

HOLD FAST back in stock!

If you missed the last shipment of Hold Fasts… We just got a replenishment! You guys know the drill. Hurry down for a pair since there are only one of each color! (Red, blue, orange, green, fluo yellow, red, hot pink, purple, & violet)