Brisbane Outdoor Gear now at Superb!

by Jason

We just picked up a really awesome line of Bike goods from Brisbane Australia. There stuff is all handmade and uses lots of salvaged materials.

Text from Brisbane Outdoor Gear

“Strap Ons are a highly adjustable and hard wearing strap system for everything from fixed gear freestyle riding to everyday use. Designed from the ground up as an alternative to double straps and cages, the Strap Ons achieve maximum usability without compromising the feel of the ride.”

“Despite its slim size, the Love Handle expands to contain almost all the essentials. Wallet, phone, keys, basic tool kit, a spair tube, and a pen. You also can cram in your d-lock on the back into its own sleeve, regardless of size.”

“Our pouches & tool rolls were created with the aim of using as much reclaimed material as physically possible. All material is reclaimed apart from the critical hook and loop, binding tape, stitching, and brand tags. Despite being reclaimed and technically “old” material, the end result is still extremely robust and functional to a high degree.”

“We like to have fun with what we do, which is why we take our beer drinking seriously. Not having a stubbie cooler at all times was a pain in the arse. Not having a top tube protector was a pain in the nuts. So obviously the logical thing to do was combine the two…

And here it is, the Beernutt. Designed to protect your bike (and nuts if you are clutz like us) during the day, and then keep your beer cool in the evening. It is adjustable to fit a variety of bike tubes, while holds anything from a standard stubbie to a 40 ounce and everything in between.”