Special Visit from Cyclocross Champion Joachim Parbo

by Wei Wei

Before I can even introduce Joachim Parbo I have to first talk about the week before his arrival.

One day at the shop, just working, 2 sets of carbon cyclocross Zipp wheels arrived in the mail. Tom and I were flabbergasted. While still getting over the shock, 2 more carbon fiber cyclocross frames arrived, now starting to freaking us out. I was running around calling everyone we worked with to figure out if these were for their own cyclocross order since the season just started. No luck. So I’m wondering if we paid for 10,000 dollars worth of carbon fiber no one ordered… Running around pulling my hair out on the phone with all the dealers making sure we didn’t pay for these components, all that I found out was they were for Joachim… Who the hell is Joachim? And if he doesn’t show up can we keep it?

Finally last Friday morning Joachim arrived to build up his bicycles and we find out he is the 3 time Danish National Champion and 31st in the world. Just arriving in America from Denmark to start the first leg of Elite cyclocross races in the US, he just needed a shop to help him build up his bikes. Here is a shot of Joachim’s Leopard cyclocross builds with a winning smile.