Andres’ Custom Igleheart

by Jason

We just finished a great build for our friend Andres that started back in July. Andres wanted a custom locally made frame and after checking out all the amazing local builders decided on an Igleheart. Andres and I went up to Chris Iglehearts shop in Wenham MA in late July for a fitting and to discuss the details of the frame.

Andres and Chris talking in the shop

Chris used to work for Fat City Cycles and still has a lot of mementos from those days, he is even still using Fat City Team Grease!

Of course his shop has a well worked Bridgeport

And there are frame building parts everywhere, you can imagine the amount you would accumulate in 30 years of frame building.

Andres on the fit bike, getting those dimensions just right.

After Chris finished the frame it was time to decide on paint. Andres decided on Ferrari red and we had it painted up locally by our pro painter Chris Rowe. Back in Superb we accumulated all the parts Andres decided on for the build and got ready to put it all together. This build consisted of Paul Components Cranks, hubs and brake lever, VO rims, pedals, cages, and seatpost, Brooks Saddle, Bar tape, and toe straps, Chris King Headset, 3ttt stem, Soma Bars, EAI superstar cog, and Panaracer tires.

Frameset, notice the detail on the rear bridge

And the finished build. We didn’t complete it until 6pm last night and with no natural light we had to use a bike headlight to get some photos.