End of Year Frame SALE!

by Jason

Now is your time to scoop up a nice track frame for a price much less than retail. We need to move some of these along to make room for new models so act quickly!

Euro Asia Bareknuckle, Handmade in Italy from Dedaccciai tubing, 56cm c-c seat tube 59cm c-t seat tube 57cm c-c top tube. Price was $775, now $575

Cinelli Gazzetta Lime green, Colombus Acciaio tubing, 50cm c-c seat tube 52cm c-t seat tube 52cm c-c top tube: few small scratches on down tube. Price was $700, now $500

Cinelli SuperCorsa Pista Barry McGee x RVCA limited edition: Handmade in Italy from Colombus Spirit tubing, 57cm seat tube c-c 58cm seat tube c-t 56cm top tube c-c. Price was $2400, now $1800

Volume Cutter Pink with removable decals, 49cm seat tube c-c 52cm seat tube c-t 53cm top tube c-c Price was $375, now $250