Month: April, 2011

Introducing: Tomii frames

If you’ve spent some time around the shop, you might have met Nao; sculpture, designer and all around nice guy. He has made other great products we have for sale in the shop such as custom chainrings and top tube protectors, now this renaissance man has turned his attentions towards building beautiful, beautiful frames. He […]

Custom Build: Rossin

We just built up this vintage Rossin bicycle for a customer. Something this nice should be spread about the internet for all to see! It doesn’t get much nicer than this. Columbus tubing, naturally. Just in case you were wondering. Detail of some seriously gorgeous lug action this frame has going on. Concor saddle in […]

Superb Limited Edition Embroidered 6 Panel Caps

If you have been around the shop the last few months you might have seen some of the employees sporting (testing) some of the prototype Superb Caps. We really dialed in the design and fit and couldn’t be happier with the result. This cap is different than a basic cotton cycling cap but still retains […]

We’re Open Today!

Just in case you were wondering we are open our regular Sunday hours today 12pm-6pm, so come by and visit when you get sick of your family, and bring us some Easter Candy! If you had one of these you could even bring by the Easter Bunny!

Mike Joos Awesome Bike Art

Ton’s more on Mike Joos’ page, sooo good!