Chainlynx Maiden Voyage!

by Steph

We had to delay our first Chainlynx due to an uncooperative mother nature. Yesterday Boston pulled through, and gave us a perfectly balmy high 70 degree temperature and soft winds.

Unfortunately this week seemed to be the worst week for a lot of Boston dames, but we got an intimate crew together at 7:00 PM to check out Castle Island.

(From top left to right: Jessica, Darcey, Liz and Colleen)

Stretching it out at Castle Island on a bench.

Jessica and Darcey enjoy the sunset on the grass.

The Island was bustling with activity–everyone wanted a piece of the sunset.

…and who could blame them?! The sun sets over the Boston skyline as a lonely balloon floats up into the atmosphere.

See you guys in a few weeks, with more ladies and probably a slightly longer route!