Independence Day Mountain Bike Ride

by Jason

This Independence Day Steph and I took the opportunity of the shop being closed to take a trip up to Ipswich and do some Mountain Biking in Willowdale State Forest. I personally love Willowdale because it is very different than all the other places I ride in the Boston Area. Most places, like the Fells and Lynn Woods are very technical with large rocks, lots of roots and very steep terrain, which in my opinion is very fun, but sometimes it is nice to change things up a bit. Willowdale has miles of smooth flowing tight and twisty single track where you can really fly through the trails and keep your momentum up. Also since it is farther from the city there are fewer people on the trails and I have never been chased by the dreaded off leash dogs that plague the fells and are always nipping at my heals. I think my favorite thing about Willowdale however is the River running right through the park which is always a great retreat from the heat after a nice long summer ride.