Velo Orange!

by Steph

With tax free weekend on last week’s horizon we didn’t have the time to heed our new products the attention they warranted.

Our Velo Orange shipment carried several wonderful products we are totally psyched about.

Grand Cru Quill Stems, a classic stem made from one piece of metal welded to a clamp and hand filed to a smooth surface.

These stems come in 80, 90 and 100 mm.

With that pretty stem, you’ll need some new handlebars:

(From left to right) Belleville, Porteur and Left Bank Bars.

Now that you’ve got new bars, might I recommend a suave grip alternative finish?

Elkhide Sew-on Handlebar grips. They also come in Espresso and Macchiato!

As I look out the Superb bay windows all I can see is mist, spray and rain. How incredibly appropriate for…

Aluminum Hammered Fenders! Classy and functional.

The Baguette handlebar/saddle bag, the perfect size for the necessities.

Detail shot of the bag on a Brooks saddle.

Or if you would prefer a larger saddle bag, we also received the Croissant bag:

Check ’em out!