Month: October, 2011

Saddle Display

Besides our huge display of Brooks saddles, we have another saddle display with lots of great options.

Bike Porn: Colnago

Currently soaking up some rays in our Beacon St window. Photo by Jason Hollingsworth

Superb Sprint: Classic Build

We changed things up with Super Sprint with this Classic build. It is amazing how great this frame looks in all the different parts we have thrown on it so far. The Superb Chrome track fork looks perfect on this frame and the clearances are completely dialed. Gum wall tires also do a great job […]

Winter is coming!

It has been a pretty gross day outside starting with a very cold rain and now turning into a snowy slush. We have been holding it down though here at the shop and greeting our brave customers with a little heat and a vita coco from the fridge. Most people are coming in for lights, […]

Stay Warm in the Cold: Layering Edition

As most of you have felt… Winter is coming! The first snow has hit and people everywhere are looking to cuddle up with someone and snuggle up in front of the tele. But for the rest of us that have to or want to brave this winter on our bicycles, here are some ways to […]