Month: December, 2011

Superb Sprint: New Color!

So we just re-upped some Sprint Frames in Matte Black. This is a super small batch so give us a call or email us quick to grab your size before they disappear again! We also have a Limited Edition one off Kawasaki Green (with sparkle clear coat) in size Medium. This is the only Sprint […]

Fat Chance: Yo Eddy Race Bike!

We have an amazing Vintage Fat Chance Race Bike for sale in the shop. This one of a kind bike was built custom for Heidi back in 1990. Heidi was on the Fat City Race team and is also the founder of NEMBA. WOW!! She decided it is time to let this one move on, […]

Glow in the Dark Bikes!

About 3 years ago while I was managing Cambridge Bicycle (before we opened Superb) I had an idea for a fixed gear bike that completely glowed in the dark. With the help of Marty from Geekhouse we made it happen, and it turned out pretty cool. Now 3 years later our phone is ringing off […]

Custom Build: Tom’s Superb Sprint

From the get go Tom has been oggling the Sprint frames. Last week he finally built his beast up: So aero. Sprint logo and Boston skyline. Chris King headset, Kinesis airfoil fork, and skull. Chub Hubs. …laced to H Plus Son rims. Well done, Tom.

Bang for your Buck: the Shop’s Least Expensive Custom Build

We all want to ride the best whip without the biggest price tag. A lot of people come into the shop and ask us how inexpensive is the least expensive custom build. Normally we just ball park some number give or take two benjamins, but a few days ago, we decided to ACTUALIZE this price […]