Complete Bikes–Now on Sale! February only!

by Steph

So this mild Winter only progresses to less mild, so let’s start thinking about Springtime and all that the season entails: blooming foliage, the Boston marathon and bike rides galore!

To celebrate the changing times, we’re launching a sale on all of our complete bikes in house through the end of February: This is for our online readers, so be sure to mention the sale to get the discount!

10% off all of our in stock 2012 models. That’s right. That means these Bianchis. Drool.

Oh hello, Pista via Brera. You are also on sale!

20% off all other models from previous years! Wowzers!! Meaning all of our Linus Bikes, since the 2012s won’t get here until March!

Se Lagers, Drafts, Fuji Feathers, Schwinn Madisons, Bianchi Bravas…just to name a FEW.

Stop in and see what we have in stock, and act quick!