Custom Build: Black Bianchi Super Pista

by Steph

We were psyched when Duc came in and wanted our last matte black Super Pista. Sorry ladies and gents, it’s official, we’re sold out of black! However Celeste and White are still available!

Tom laid everything out nice and purdy before we began. EAI Cobra crank set, Origin 8 Attak wheelset, Cadence single straps, MKS toe cages, I bet you can’t wait to hit the Boston pavement running. AND SO IT BEGINS.

We couldn’t just do a “in front of the shop” picture, so we took this majestic steed over to back bay and snapped a few shots.

Derriere shot.

Head on with the headbadge. So psyched that you’re psyched Duc! See you around!