Month: September, 2012

Superb Vivace Frames: Four Left!!

As you all know, we received a shipment of frames a few weeks ago. We have been greeting by an overwhelming positive response. It’s been a wonderful couple weeks and we are now down to merely FOUR Superb Vivace frames. The final countdown. Vivace rear point of view! For more information about the size and […]

Tara and her Custom Pake

Tara did a custom build with us a few weeks ago and she just swung by yesterday to say hi. She built up a Pake frame with a Chrome fork, and is currently tilting her Brooks B17s saddle back a bit to help wear it in. “I kept sliding off of it, and I find […]

Dave’s Superb Sprint Custom Build

Dave has been a loyal custom forever and has been eagerly waiting to build up his own Superb Sprint. He made a drastic change from his typical colorful bikes to one that only has two colors, black and black. It came out sick and is currently displayed in our window waiting for Dave to come […]

September Chainlynx

Last Friday we had our September Chainlynx. We combined forces with Allston-based Brat Brigade to take to the streets with extra ladies and extra fun. Both of us wanted to meet more women who were psyched on cycling. After one hang out session of riding bikes through Harvard Square we both realized we HAD to […]

Superb Frame Release Party

As all of you know, the shop received a shipment of new Superb frames a few weeks ago. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a proper gathering at the shop, so we decided to throw a little fete on Saturday. An hour after we closed, we reopened adorned in fancy threads to welcome everyone to […]