Month: November, 2012

Shop Portrait: Silva

Silva came to visit us 2 days in a row thanks to her love of a certain wool cap she just had to have! I took full advantage and lured her into the Studio. It was hard to pick just one photo cause they were all amazing!

Shop Portrait: Patricia

Patricia rides downtown and recently got hit by a car, luckily she wasn’t too badly hurt, just a black eye and few scrapes and bruises. We got to capture it today in our Studio! Hope you heal up quick!

Shop Portraits: Julia, Rebekah, and Casey

We have been having a blast in the studio the past few days, if you are interested in getting your photo taken don’t be bashful, come on in! Julia, Rebekah, and Casey stopped in yesterday to visit and all ended up in the booth. Looking Fierce!

Shop Visit: BABY!

Sasha did a custom build with us a few months ago while she was very very pregnant. Like, 8 months pregnant. We called her when her bike was ready, but after a few weeks we still hadn’t heard a peep from her. That’s when it hit us: SHE HAD HER BABY! Sure enough, she brought […]

Shop Portraits

Yesterday we had an overwhelming response to our posting about portraits! Here are some from yesterday: CRAIG! Kelly. Morgan. Tom. Stephen.