Now in Stock: Fuji Declarations!

by Steph

We used to have the Fuji Declarations as one of our more basic single speed / fixed gear models. They sold fantastically and within the blink of an eye we were out of stock. Many hearts were broken and people still come in searching for the Declaration.

Ladies and gents…they’re back for 2013!

As per Fuji:

“We built the Declaration with city-friendly geometry, added flat bars for maneuverability, and gave it one gear to withstand the obstacles of city life. The classic paint of the frame and its contrasting fork color deliver a clean style with simple graphics. Run it fixed or free, and enjoy the world around you without worrying about what gear you’re in.”

Formula Hubs laced to double wall high profile rims.

Look at those fun tubes!!

We’ve only got a few in stock, swing by and check them out!