New! Superb Winter Hats!

by Steph

Last year, we launched a limited run of the Superb Six-Panel Cycling Caps.

As per our store manager about the design:

“This cap is different than a basic cotton cycling cap but still retains a similar cycling style and functionality. It is actually more similar to a fitted style cap in fabric and construction but with a cyclist cap cut and short brim giving it a great look and feel. Our new caps feature 6 panel construction and have a flex fit head band for a nice comfortable fit.”

These black beauties sold out pretty quickly all over the world. We’re pleased to announce, officially, that we came out with two caps sporting a late Fall/Winter color palette.

Our shop manager looking dapper in his late Fall attire, sporting the green cap.

For a change of pace from a black beanie or helmet hair, I got to model the grey cap!

These awesome additions to your Fall/Winter/Whenever wardrobe are only $30. You can snag one in the shop or order one over the phone/email while our online store is under construction.