Soma Wolverine Custom Build

by Jason

Soma Wolverine Full Superb Custom Build

The times are changing, and so are the bikes we are building. This build for Josh is in a slightly different direction than most of our previous builds but was very fun to build, not to mention test ride. The Soma Wolverine frame is a true Jack-of-all-trades type frame. It is one of a very small group of frames that is belt drive compatible with a separating rear seat stay. It also has sliding rear drop outs with a derailleur hanger, meaning you can build it up single speed, internally geared, or with a standard derailleur. The frame is rounded out with disc brake, fender, and rack mounts to really allow you to set it up any way you like.

Josh wanted a simple set up with just a single speed and the silent belt drive set up. The Gates carbon belt drive is not only quiet but also almost entirely maintenance free and requires no lubrication at all. The only thing you ever need to do is rinse it off if it gets too dirty. Durability is also off the charts as most belts will last much longer than a chain ever could.

The other aspect that really sets this build apart is the Velo Orange Crazy bar. It is basically a combination of a cruiser bar and bull horn giving you some very different hand positions. It is similar to other H bars on the market but at a great price point and on my test ride was very comfortable.

If you have been thinking about a new bike but wanted something a little different, let us know, we love to build unique bikes!

soma wolverine superb 3:4

Soma Wolverine Sugino Carbon Gates Superb


Soma Wolverine Brooks Superb

Soma Wolverine Belt gates Superb

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soma wolverine chris king superb