TRASH Messenger Bags in Stock!

by croth

Our latest shipment of TRASH Messenger Bags has arrived! Come grab yours before they’re gone!

TRASH Messenger Bags are handmade by cyclists in Minneapolis since 2008, and are of the highest quality.

In stock now are their E-Waste Phone Holsters, Waste Bin Hip Packs, Wastebaskets and Wastebasket II‘s, and a beautiful brown Garbage Truck Messenger Bag.

The E-Waste Phone Holsters you see above are waterproof and come in 2 size variations to perfectly fit your phone.

The Wastebasket and Wastebasket II are very versatile hip packs that include a matching waist belt and u-lock holster. They feature a waterproof design, an extra pocket under the flap and 2 pen slots.


This is the newer Waste Bin, a medium sized and slightly deeper design with a built in belt slot and u-lock holster. These pouches are large enough to hold a phone, keys, wallet, and more.

Stop by the shop today to check out these great handmade products from TRASH Messenger Bags!