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Cruise Night Recap: Success!

Thanks again to all of you that made the 1st Official Cruise Night happen and to those that came out to hang. We couldn’t have done it without Flat Top Johnny’s himself, John Adams, and head judge Julian Rowntree, A.K.A. The Kryptkeeper). We hope you all had fun and plan on making the next Cruise […]

Update: Bike Shop Mural

The last two weeks Ben and Alexa have made a BUNCH of progress on the mural. Oh hey girl! She rode her bike from work straight to here in the “wintry mix” to hang out, keep warm and create some fantastic art. Today she found out that her winter boots are not that wintry. So…if […]

Winter Project: Tom’s Rear Wheel

Tom, our mechanic, is a wheel master. I would even go as far as saying he’s the Cesar Millan of wheel builds. I’ll spare you some mediocre photoshop meme-ing and get straight to Tom’s new project. Tom is reinforcing his spokes with copper wire, to make a stiffer and therefore more durable wheel. After reinforcing […]

New! Dan’s Spoke Bracelets!

If you’ve come into the shop within the last few days, you might have noticed something brand new gracing our front counter… Could it…is it…spokes? Your eyes aren’t deceiving you! These are bracelets fashioned out of recycled spokes found at a variety of bike shops. Our friend Dan started creating these when he worked at […]

New Superb Bicycle Window Decals

For the sake of the mail men and all our customers we finally design and put up an official decal for the shop with our name and hours! Trying to keep things fresh, I was inspired by the old barbershop aesthetic and keeping in touch with san serif roots. So if you couldn’t tell we […]