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Filming “It’s Not Funny Anymore”

Recently we announced we’d be helping out on a new feature length film directed by Mark Phinney called “It’s Not Funny Anymore.” The film takes place in Boston and features a stand-up comedian struggling to decide if self-sabotage for the sake of art is worth it. Ultimately he decides he’d like to give being a […]

It’s Not Funny Anymore

When my friend Mark Phinney asked asked me to be the bike consultant on his new film It’s Not Funny Anymore I jumped at the chance. Now I’m stoked to say that not only will I be working with the lead actor on his riding, but Superb Bicycle will also be a filming location AND the main […]

Lucas Brunelle, Line Of Sight Available Online

We just added the new Lucas Brunelle, “Line Of Sight” DVD into our online store. For those of you that don’t live in Boston you can now pick one up online. We love “Line of Sight” because it showcases some of Boston’s finest riders and messengers in countries around the world. Not to mention you […]

Superb Frames Release Party!

We are finally officially launching our frame line! This will be the official party for the line featuring the Marcato, the Sprint, and finally our recently received Vivace! Come and celebrate with us this Saturday, September 22nd from 8pm to 10pm in store! We will be displaying each frame model in store and complete build ups […]

Premium Group Ride Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Premium Rush Group Ride. I know we and everyone else involved had a blast! Tons of free water bottles were given away and everyone stayed hydrated. There was a great turn out and even more people waiting for the ride to meet up at the theater itself. […]