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Urban Velo Write Up on Our New Hats!

We just got a write up in Urban Velo for our new hats! Check it: Thanks for posting guys!

Employee Review: Tom’s Chrome Storm Cobra Jacket takes on Hurricane Sandy

Tom received a special care package in the mail last week…. He’s been riding to work in the Storm Cobra Jacket, and has been truly digging the pit zips and active venting systems. Then, Sandy came, crawling steadily towards Boston proper. This is when Tom decided to give his new jacket the ULTIMATE test: he […]

Steph’s Linus

Three months ago, I decided to get serious about running and found that riding my fixed gear increased my shin splint and general aches and pains. It was time to get a single speed, and I decided the Linus Roadster Classic was the winner. The bike! We also made a few modifications. Velo Orange hammered […]

Urban Velo Issue #30 Has Arrived

The new issue of Urban Velo has arrived in the mail. Since it’s free, we have a hard time holding on to them for not just a week, but sometimes even a day. This issue features the LA bike scene, Pelizzoli, Greg Ugalde, photos of Shanghai, and the usual bike reviews and rider gallery.

Profile: Freight Baggage

Chances are, if you’re into cycling in any regard you’ve probably heard of Freight bags, a small company based in San Francisco, CA. Basking in the chandelier mood lighting. Classy as all heck. Not only do these bags look ridiculously good, but the vinyl-lined interior makes it a waterproof means of transporting everything important. Good […]