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Community Spoke

With a heavy heavy heart I assemble these pixels into a blog post. Last night as I was paroozing my Instagram feed for some photographs of cute animals or maybe a friend’s dinner/lunch/dessert, I discovered this picture by one of the Community Spoke founders: This is, or was, the tool wall at Community Spoke, a […]

Social Media Superhero! Two Stories About the Internet Aiding in Stolen Bike Retrieval

It is every cyclist’s worst nightmare. You’re out with your friends. You’re ready to go home, and you walk towards the general vicinity in which you parked your bike. But something’s wrong. Your bicycle, your trusty chromoly or aluminum steed, is nowhere to be found. Panic grips you, coarsing through your veins and your heart […]

Working in a Bike Shop is for the Dogs!

Danzig has been helping Steph with her work this week at the shop! It’s adorable!

Tom: Resident Renaissance Man

A group of students stopped by the shop today in need of a helping hand (and pink bicycle). Tom played the “judgemental jerk” in their short film for a Production class. Close up of Pink on Pink. Tom in his acting debut, telling the Pink lady to “get out” of the shop. So yeah. That […]

Shit Cyclists Say

Spot on hilarity! Via Prolly.