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Superb Sprint: Kawasaki Green Custom Build

We just built up this beautiful Superb Sprint in Kawasaki green with a nice classic parts group. We will have this build for sale in the shop so stop by to take a closer look if you are interested. If you would like us to build up something similar or completely different let us know, […]

Nick Murphy’s All-City Big Block

A few months back our friend Nick Murphy came into the shop looking to build up an All-City Big Block, AC’s steel track frame. Since the initial build Murphy has made some choice upgrades and we couldn’t help but share this well loved ride in it’s current form. Build List All-City Big Block 5th Anniversary […]

Superb now stocking ALL CITY!

We have been selling a decent number of bikes from All City as either completes of custom builds for well over a year now but decided it was time to make some more room on the sales floor to really show off some of our favorite All City models. We won’t always have every model, […]

Julia’s All City Nature Boy

We just finished Julia’s All City Nature Boy just in time for more snow! The snow isn’t stopping and neither are the custom builds, luckily it isn’t keeping our customers off their bikes! All City has some great models for city commuting and we can get any of them for you in your size. Pre-built […]

Alex’s All City Big Block

Alex was looking to build a fixed gear as a second bike / winter bike and the All City Big Block 5th anniversary addition caught her eye. She wanted a durable build but to keep things simple, so after going over all the options she decided on what you see here. Build List H+son Archetype […]