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Superb Portraits: Corinne

Corinne, sister of Geekhouse’s Marty, swung by the shop to say hi today on her way back to studying for finals. Can you guess what her favorite color is?

Chainlynx Cancelled tonight!!!

The internet has been insistent and the foreboarding sky has confirmed it…it’s going to RAIN this evening. So, unfortunately, we will have to cancel Chainlynx this evening. That being said, we have two more Fridays for rescheduling purposes! Let us know which one works for you!!! xox, Superb (and this very very said kitten)

What are YOU doing this Friday?

This Friday, is Chainlynx, our monthly ladies ride. We have set the route and we have new spoke cards that will look FABULOUS in your wheels. As the impending doom that is Winter creeps closer and sucks the sunshine out of the evening earlier and earlier daily, we decided to make our ride a little […]


It has been decided, that this month, we shall all meet together on October 19th at 7 PM. This is going to be a lot of fun. We also have some great news! We officially have a Facebook Page!!! Check it along with our blog for updates! See you ladies there!!

September Chainlynx

Last Friday we had our September Chainlynx. We combined forces with Allston-based Brat Brigade to take to the streets with extra ladies and extra fun. Both of us wanted to meet more women who were psyched on cycling. After one hang out session of riding bikes through Harvard Square we both realized we HAD to […]