We Are CLOSED! But, Premium Rush Blizzard Race is On!

So I know there are some hardcore bikers out there who are still braving this city wide emergency shut down, but we are closed for today and tomorrow. Please stay in and be safe. For those that can’t resist the snow, head out to the Premium Slush, blizzard race, thrown together by our friends and […]

CLOSED MONDAY for Hurricane Sandy

Due to the impending Hurricane Sandy, we will be closed Monday, October 28th. Sorry guys, but this is for your own safety and ours. Stay inside and be safe cyclists. No pouting. We will resume normal hours Tuesday.


We will be closed again on Monday due to this crazy blizzard, hopefully we’ll be back open on Tuesday, be safe everyone!


Sorry everyone but we are shutting down the shop today due to the impending blizzard! We will probably end up just riding around in it. Have fun!