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New Year = New Product in the Online Store!

We have been busy adding new product to the Online Store, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the time. Among the new options are 2 great framesets. A Geekhouse Rockcity track frameset and a Vivalo NJS track frameset.

Premium Group Ride Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Premium Rush Group Ride. I know we and everyone else involved had a blast! Tons of free water bottles were given away and everyone stayed hydrated. There was a great turn out and even more people waiting for the ride to meet up at the theater itself. […]

Premium Rush Premier Ride!

Many people in the Boston Bicycling community are excited to see the premier of “Premium Rush“. Our friends over at Geekhouse, especially Marty Walsh, are excited to see one of his Rock City frames commissioned by Columbia Pictures over 3 years ago for Joseph Gordon Levitt to ride in this film. The BBMA (Boston Bicycle […]

Brooks Holdalls: The Millbrook and the Glenbrook

Nothing says Summer/Spring bummer like carrying a variety of items on your back while on a longer ride. This is where the Brooks Millbrook and Glenbrook Holdalls come along. You may venture the question, “how much do these Holdalls carry?” Well, we thought we’d give you a demonstration with Tom’s Geekhouse and a custom Surly […]

Holden’s Custom Geekhouse Road Bike.

We just finished up Holden’s Custom Geekhouse Road Bike. Holden ordered the frameset through us a little while back and after the frame was finished over at Geekhouse, Tom built up the bike here in the shop. It definitely came out great and Holden is super stoked to be out and riding it. Holden chose […]