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Tara and her Custom Pake

Tara did a custom build with us a few weeks ago and she just swung by yesterday to say hi. She built up a Pake frame with a Chrome fork, and is currently tilting her Brooks B17s saddle back a bit to help wear it in. “I kept sliding off of it, and I find […]

Custom Build: Naomi’s Pake

Meet Naomi. For her 21st birthday, Naomi wanted one thing: a new bicycle. “My old bike..well…all you needed to do was look at it and see why I needed a new one. I wanted something fun for my first fixed gear. Then I found out about the frame sale and I was really excited that […]

Dave’s Pake Custom Build

We just finished another Superb Custom for Dave. He wanted to keep it classy so black and chrome was used throughout, highlights include a chrome Tange fork, Miche Supertype seatpost, FSA Giomondi Cranks, Brooks Swift Saddle, Nitto Dynamic Stem, Nitto B123 handlbar, and Paul high polish e-lever.

Pake Custom Builds!

Shane and Jessie with their new custom built Pake bikes. Enjoy em!

White Pake Build

Here is another Pake Build for Addison, this one with a Brooks B17 saddle and one of our last pairs of Hold Fast Straps. Sadly we will be in a Hold Fast drought for a month as they can’t currently keep up with the popularity of the straps. We did just get another shipment of […]