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Bicycle Custom

So it has been one of those slow winter days at the shop. The weather is about as bad as it can be short of a blizzard. It has been raining/snowing all day, which is a very unpleasant combination and I am guessing that is why there have been few people making it in to […]

Superb is Buzzing this Week!

We have been gathering a lot of press this week, so if you missed any of this, go check it out. First our favorite Boston Female cyclist blogger (Kaiko..duh) did a nice little write up of her stop by the shop last Friday. While you are over there check out the nice pics of her […]

Great Superb Opening Party write up @ Pedal Strike

Head over to Pedal Strike for her Party Report and check out the 50 or so Photos she snapped at the Celebration. Also I want to send out a special thanks to Kaiko from Pedal Strike and Cassette for helping to Sponsor our event!

Superb Cycling Cap.. Gets around

Local celebrities are loving the Superb Cycling Caps.. Grab yours now! Kaiko of Pedal Strike Andrew of Fat Ram’s Tattoo