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Bicycle Custom

So it has been one of those slow winter days at the shop. The weather is about as bad as it can be short of a blizzard. It has been raining/snowing all day, which is a very unpleasant combination and I am guessing that is why there have been few people making it in to […]

Superb is Buzzing this Week!

We have been gathering a lot of press this week, so if you missed any of this, go check it out. First our favorite Boston Female cyclist blogger (Kaiko..duh) did a nice little write up of her stop by the shop last Friday. While you are over there check out the nice pics of her […]

Great Superb Opening Party write up @ Pedal Strike

Head over to Pedal Strike for her Party Report and check out the 50 or so Photos she snapped at the Celebration. Also I want to send out a special thanks to Kaiko from Pedal Strike and Cassette for helping to Sponsor our event!


My good friend Kaiko and new friend Mike launched their new line today, Cassette. The 4 available designs look amazing and are currently available on the Cassette Website, and will be in our shop soon! Yesterday I met with them to discuss a pending project and was greeted with a day early birthday present. Yeah […]

Superb Cycling Cap.. Gets around

Local celebrities are loving the Superb Cycling Caps.. Grab yours now! Kaiko of Pedal Strike Andrew of Fat Ram’s Tattoo