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Superb Camo Topo Cycling Cap

We just received our new cycling caps. These are a perfect match to our kits, and are made in the USA. Modeled by Opie who helped represent Superb this past weekend by racing in the 15th Monster track race in NYC. Stop by to pick one up or grab them on our webstore, while supplies […]

New! Superb Winter Hats!

Last year, we launched a limited run of the Superb Six-Panel Cycling Caps. As per our store manager about the design: “This cap is different than a basic cotton cycling cap but still retains a similar cycling style and functionality. It is actually more similar to a fitted style cap in fabric and construction but […]

Superb Cap Version 2.0

Our new Superb Caps have just landed at the shop. After spending a long time tweaking the design I am really happy with how they turned out and the response we have had with them so far. The new design is a 3 panel black cap with the Superb wordmark creating the traditional center stripes, […]

Spotted… Superb in Japan

This just caught my eye over on the Pedal Consumption Blog. Satoshi rockin the Superb Cap in Japan! Looking Good Satoshi!

Superb Cycling Cap.. Gets around

Local celebrities are loving the Superb Cycling Caps.. Grab yours now! Kaiko of Pedal Strike Andrew of Fat Ram’s Tattoo